Metal Fabrication Pittsburgh Based Services

sheet metal fabricator

We fabricate the majority of our sheet metal products in-house to ensure quality and customizable flexibility.

Hampton Mechanical has a 12,000 sq. ft. full-service welding and sheet metal fabrication Pittsburgh shop. We fabricate ductwork, equipment stands, roof curbs, curb adapters, equipment rails, and pipe sleeves. We have the technology and resources to excel at any and all custom fabrication projects.

metal fabrication pittsburgh based professional at work

Need custom sheet metal fabrication? 

With our 33 years of industry experience, we have filled plenty of orders with a wide range of sheet metal projects. Here are just a few of our fabrication capabilities: 

  • Equipment rails
  • Roof curbs
  • Curb adapters
  • Welded dust collection fittings
  • Filter boxes
  • Saddle taps/tabs
  • Pipe sleeves 
  • Custom residential ductwork
  • Grease ducts
  • And More! 

Delivery options available within a 5 mile radius from our warehouse in Gibsonia. 

For more information on Sheet Metal Fabrication, contact our Pittsburgh area shop managers:

BJ Larrow - Metal Shop Foreman

John Lewellen - Metal Shop Foreman